Sunday, November 30, 2008

MCRD San Diego, T-shirt Design Contest

For all you graphic design guru's out there.


.. Released: 10.29.08
.. Transmission broadcast from: MCRD San Diego

.. Now - 12.12.08
.. MCRD San Diego
.. Online voting begins 12.17.08 - 01.16.09
.. Open to all eligible patrons (active duty, reservists, retirees, DoD and their dependants)
.. Must be 13+ to submit a design
.. Submit your original art as a .jpg attachment to:
.. Final winner determined by online voting

MCRD San Diego is holding their first ever "Super Bowl Party" t-shirt design contest. Where you're the designer and everyone else is the judge. Contestants will create a design that embodies the spirit of MCRD and troop appreciation.

The winner will be determined by online voting. Prove what it takes to outdesign the designers. Why do it you ask? Because we think fostering in-house creativity is a building block to bigger things.

The winner gets a $50.00 gift card to the MCXchange and their design printed on all the t-shirts being given away at the Super Bowl party. The vanity prone get to see it on the shirts at the gym. Serious types get some street cred for their portfolio.

T-shirt must have the following elements included in the design:
Event name [ You come up with the name, be creative ]
The date, February 1, 2009
It has to say "MCRD, San Diego" on it somewhere
It has to say "Troop Appreciation" on it somewhere
All artwork must be in JPG format. [ No other formats are acceptable ]
Send art as an attachment to:
All artwork must be in digital format
Don't send us paper art or Crayola drawings
If you need to get something digitized go to your local copy shop or your friends house and scan it
Confine the design to a 15" x 20" (38cm x 50cm) area
Make sure it's at least 150 dpi
Limit your colors to six. Trust us, this is still a whole lotta color. Just check out the sample below if you don't believe us.

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