Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have you made the switch? re-usable grocery bags that is.I switched and I love it.Here's why:

1. It is important to me to reduce, reuse and recycle. I don't take our resources for granted and I respect our land enough not to want to fill it with trash if I can avoid it.

2.They hold so much more, what used to take 10-12 plastic bags now takes 3-4 "green bags"

3.They are multi-purpose, I can use them just about anytime I need a good canvas bag, the beach, road trips, you name it!

4. They are cheap, I get mine at the commissary for 70 cents, most places have them for a dollar or less. For me it was too easy a switch not to make and it is so good not to have to mess with those flimsy plastic bags anymore.

Every once in awhile I will buy more than I can fit in my green bags, those times I will usually grab one or two plastic bags as well and reuse them in the bathroom wastebaskets.

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