Friday, January 30, 2009

How to travel comfortably in coach.

A good article By Reid Bramblett from Yahoo travel with tips for staying comfortable while flying coach class.

I think these are the best tips in the article:
"JetBlue offers a whopping 34 inches of “pitch” (airline-speak for legroom), compared with the standard 31 inches. And of course there’s free DirectTV on every leather seatback.

Stuck in the middle? “I’ll ask at the gate if there are any middle seats in between two people with the same last name,” says travel writer John DiScala, better known as Johnny Jet. They may well give up the aisle or window to sit together.

Another reason to check in early: Airlines routinely oversell flights, and the first passengers to be involuntarily bumped from an overflowing flight are those who check in last.

Pack your favorite things: American Airlines flight attendant Valerie Ricci carries her own tea bags because “sometimes being more comfortable is just having the things you’re comfortable with, and I like my orange spice tea.”"

Check out the article for even more great tips!

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