Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crest/PG customer service

I wrote a complaint to Crest a few weeks ago and was disappointed by their response. I complained that my Crest Pro-Health tube cap had somehow came loose and the Crest leaked all over my medicine cabinet. This has both to do with the design of the cap and consistency of the product (it is "runnier" than regular Crest). Anyhow, they sent me a form letter response "sorry you had a problem, we'll forward this on to so and so" signed by "A P&G Customer Service Rep"

I was disappointed that they did not bother to address me or my concerns directly. I waited to see if I heard from a rep personally but nothing. I guess I just expected better customer service, which I am used to getting elsewhere. I would have liked for someone to write me back and acknowledge my individual concern and maybe even sign their name to the reply email.

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