Friday, December 5, 2008

Product Review: Tyson Quesadilla kit

So convenience costs money, this I know. Sometimes I buy those "dinner kits" for the days I have to work. It is still cheaper than going out to eat and much easier than cooking a full on meal.

Here's what I thought of this product: Average.

The quesadillas tasted good but like most of these products, there was not enough "filler" for the quesadillas. It was supposed to make 6 but there was only enough chicken and veggies for 4. The fifth one I filled with the excess cheese from the kit and the 6th one I put honey and jam in for dessert.

All in all I would buy this product again but I was still a little disappointed by the amount of chicken and veggies. Sorry for the lack of "after" pictures, my camera battery went dead while they were cooking.

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