Monday, December 8, 2008

Line cutters and India.Arie

We finally got our lights up last night. Yay! We had to take one strand of LED lights back to Wal-mart because only one half of it worked but other than that it was great.

While I was getting my "return sticker" from the return guy at wal-mart (he stops you before getting in line and gives you a yellow sticker if you are returning something) this rude lady and her (grown) son walked around me and got in line with their item. Then when I get in line (after the cutters) she yells at the man to give her a sticker. Some people. I was kind of mad, it ruined my mood and I had to leave the store. I didn't think it was worthy of making a scene though.

On the way over to Michael's after that I listened to "Better People" by India.Arie and it made me feel better and put things into perspective for me. I felt great by the time I entered Michael's so thanks India.Arie for putting music out that can help us remember what is really important and what we should let roll off our shoulders. It is especially helpful during this time of holiday shopping madness (and rudeness).

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